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Offered here is very solid mid-1944 MB that is believed to have been new in the crate when sold as surplus. The bumper is amazing as it is very straight and retains the wood, the frame rails and gussets are straight, the body is in great condition showing very little wear. The tires are original, the original seats are exceptional, the windshield sits nicely, the original frame tag is in place. The paint and seats faded out over the years but have done so in a tasteful way. The drive shaft is protected by a skid plate that was installed over the years and is a neat customization. The Jeep has a nice original top as well. The Jeep is painted in a gray or faded blue drab that displays nicely on the Jeep. The Jeep runs nicely and is a true find. There are a couple places where there are signs of the same gloss Olive Drab paint that has been seen on a 1945 MB we used to own and 1944 MB that we currently own. Both of these are documented crate Jeeps with low mileage. We believe that many of these crate jeeps were painted that shade before being sold as surplus but nobody has a definitive explanation to this. The negative part of the Jeep is that there is a slight crack in the engine block. As this has been a display piece in our collection and an occasional runner I thought it would be best to let the next owner fix this issue according to their specifications. The speedometer is currently not working. This is a very nice, solid and honest Jeep. This is one of the nicest unrestored WWII Jeeps we have owned and we have had some real gems. Every time I have this Jeep out, I fall in love with it, hence why I took 435 photos of it which can be sent after inquiring. This is a rare opportunity to acquire an solid original Jeep.


More photos at below link:

1944 Willys MB Survivor

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