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1942 Dodge WC54

Location: Pennsylvania

Price: $30,000 OBO

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This truck has been restored by the current owner who has owned this truck for about 15 years. The current owner purchased this truck from the late Kevin Kronlund. This truck most likely came back from Norway. The current owner has used this truck in many events. The following has been done by the current owner:

  • 4 new Denman NDT tires, tubes and flaps

  • Spare tire is a nice used Goodyear

  • Combat rims were sandblasted, primed and painted

  • 4 new wheel cylinders

  • Master cylinder was rebuilt by White Post Restorations

  • New brake shoes

  • New metal brake lines

  • New brake hoses

  • New brake light switch

  • 2 drums turned

  • New hub seals

  • New front inner axle seals

  • New rear pinion seal

  • 4 new universal joints

  • New battery

  • New battery hold down

  • New leather transmission pad

  • New transmission shift lever dust cover

  • New fan belt

  • New timing belt

  • New crankshaft pulley

  • New water pump

  • New radiator hoses

  • New heater hoses

  • New rear main seal

  • New pitman arm

  • 2 New jerry can straps

  • Rebuilt pressure plate

  • New clutch bearing

  • New leather fuel filler neck grommet

  • New steering gear oil seal and gasket kit

  • 2 new headlight buckets

  • New coil

  • New draft pads

  • 2 new draft pad retainers

  • New hi/low beam switch

  • New door bumpers

  • New Window channel

  • New fender welting

  • New cowl vent seal

  • New windlace

  • New lock out hubs

  • 2 new taillight doors

  • Pioneer tool rack

  • New pigtail wiring 

  • 3 new brass data plates

  • New fuel lines and hoses

  • Repainted in 33070 shade Olive Drab

  • New map tray

  • Installed turn signals in original lights

  • 2 new rear reflectors

  • Transfer case has new seals and gaskets

  • New passenger wing glass

  • New tie rods

  • New head gasket

  • New hood rubber pads

  • New heater bypass elbow

  • New starter

  • Rebuilt carburetor

  • New speedometer cable

  • 2 new rear door glass inside moldings

  • 2 new wing window rubber weather-strip

  • NOS manifold installed

  • New exhaust system

  • New windshield glass

  • New windshield rubber

  • New fuel gauge and sending unit

  • New wiring